Totem Time Game

Totem Time is an augmented reality-based treasure hunt game. It combines, riddles, challenges, and navigation. Or in other words, Totem Time is fun. Anyone can create a Totem Time treassure hunt experience.

Totem Time Game
Totem Time Game


Totem Time is the Ultimate Real-World Treasure Hunt Game, where users can solve riddles, navigate and visit Totems and create memories, which they can then share over social networks. Create fun engaging treasure hunts by thinking of a trail you like, then add quizzes and challenges and your adventure is ready to be shared with friends.


MEAN stack was used to develop Totem Time solution. MongoDB as the database, together with Node.js provide high throughput of data, that is used by the CMS, developed in Angular 4 and mobile clients. Mobile applications are developed in Unity and main components are Vuforia for image recognition, Google Maps for displaying location and Social networks connections for logging in and sharing moments.

  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Unity
  • Vuforia
Totem Time Game

About client

Totem time idea formalized in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC where we spotted a cool hipster guy creating a treasure hunt for his loved one by using chalk on the sidewalk. We think a mobile, augmented reality game can mimic this experience and even surplus it in many ways.