Modern real estate web application, where real estate agents can publish their listings and clients can browse and interact, with the purpose of finding the best possible deal. Custom built features like Messaging, Meetings, Custom notifications and intuitive interface make this one of the best real estate platforms on the market.



RealStash is a platform where agents can advertise their real estate listings and enables intuitive interface for users and agents. Users can interact by using Messaging interface and plan visiting Open Houses or Private meetings, which are designed to specifically reduce time consumption for agents and increase user experience when searching for a new home.


RealStash consists out of Mobile applications for Andoid and iOS, that are developed in NativeScript. Angular was used to develop the web application, and technologies user for the backend are PostgreSQL as the main database, nginx as proxy that is responsible for routing requests and API written on top of nestjs.

  • NativeScript
  • Angular
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Braintree
  • Mapbox
  • GitHub

About client

RealStash is real estate rental community that works to connect renters to sellers all over New York City.