Razzl is a tool that makes planning and reviewing project finances simple and efficient. It therefore eliminates the very common problems of inefficiency and time wastage in companies.



Razzl's minimalist look gives you a clear overview of all the key information in your company: who is currently absent due to holidays or sickness, hourly rates of employees, who has worked on which project for how long, income and expenditure by month and year, etc., and the generated reports can be exported to a PDF file. These functionalities are also available on the mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


The web version of the Razzl app was created using the Typescript programming language in the Angular environment, while the back-end operations are handled by the NestJS framework, which builds on Node.Js by offering a more ordered and systematic approach to application development. The mobile app has been developed in Google's Flutter framework and is therefore available on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Flutter
  • Nest
  • Angular
  • Typescript

About the project

The need for such a tool arose after the team of original developers started to expand due to the increasing number of projects. In order to be able to maintain a high level of software quality and team productivity, we decided to develop Razzl. It proved to be a very effective tool from the very beginning and has since become the cornerstone of every project we have worked on.