Monimmo is a web platform focused on the French real estate market. It tracks a history record of real estate prices and enables a friendly user experience when it comes to browsing for real estate and communication between agents and buyers.



Monimmo will transform your real estate experience. It is a smart marketplace technology with embedded advanced analytics helping you instantly find your perfect real estate match. Monimmo supports complex real estate decisions which will help you make the right investment at the right time.


Real estate web platform focused on the French real estate market written in Angular 11 and adapted for mobile devices. The map is interactive (Google Maps, Leaflet) and has a history record of previous sales for a straightforward analysis of real estate prices.

  • Angular
  • Leaflet
  • Bootstrap
  • Maps.js

About client

Monimmo is an Antwerp based middleman company that provides real-estate data on the fly and helps users make better decisions faster along with the build analytics capabilities.