CyberGRID is an IT-platform for a decentralised grid with storage capacities and large shares of intermittent energy. This technology boosts the efficient use of existing generation resources, storage, and the integration of renewable energy resources.



By integrating their own ICT-platform “cyberNOC” with its embedded control tools, smart metering, microgrid management solutions and various other grid technologies, cyberGRID adds a new level of possibilities to customers’ energy assets.


Angular was used to create a more advanced version of the cyberNOC web platform, giving users and businesses complete control over their energy resources.

  • rxjs
  • keycloak
  • Angular

About client

Located in Vienna, Austria, cyberGRID was founded in 2010 as a specialist in the development of innovative Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solutions, increasing energy efficiency throughout the grid. CyberGRID focuses on consulting, training, research and development within its core strength dedicated to the new energy area.