cZeus is a mobile and web app excellent for agility, practising numeracy, algebraic logic, mathematical fluency and elimination process. It covers maths curriculum topics: numbers, times table, algebra, common factors, primes, multiples, and logical deductions.



cZeus School League is an ideal tool for teachers as an alternative teaching tool for testing and motivating students in and out of the classroom. It is a fun way for students to maintain their maths on vacations and keep in touch with other students. Teachers can set up teams and challenges amongst their pupils, enrol their teams in inter- school public tournaments, locally or internationally, and assess students’ performance. Suitable for all age groups it offers many difficulty levels.


The mobile cZeus app is developed in Unity both for iOS and Android devices with the backend created with NestJS and MongoDB. The newer web app version of the game is developed with Vue.JS with the backend also made with NestJS and MongoDB.

  • Angular
  • Mongo
  • Node.js
  • Vue
  • Unity
  • Nest
  • PhotoShop
  • Adobeilustrator
  • AfterEffect
  • Blender

About client

The Mathematical Games Company Limited (TMGCL) is a London based company that wants to offer an exciting entertainment experience where maths and language talents can shine.