AR.fx is an augmented reality world builder mobile app. Compose AR worlds using 3D assets and game characters. Unlock daily 3D assets and pick them up on location to create unique AR scenes. You can build your own worlds … anywhere!



AR.fx offers a gamified experience when it comes to augmented reality and letting users explore the world around them. They can walk around and find rare 3D models in Treasure spheres all around the AR world. They can also engage in Treasure hunts to receive unique and rare 3D models and AR coins, which lets them purchase additional 3D models for their scenes. Once the desired scenes are built they can share their creations via popular social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.


AR.fx has a slightly different approach when it comes to AR mobile game experiences. While developed in Unity with a core idea of a gamified world building experience, everything still falls in the category of gaming. Everything users share in AR is cross-platform between iOS and Android.

  • Angular
  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Mapbox
  • Amazon Web Services
  • ARKit
  • ARCore

About the client

ARtist UG is a Stuttgart based IT company that started building AR.fx, a unique AR mobile app that serves as a one-for-all type of app. It merges gamifying aspects together with travel, shopping and marketing to create a unique new approach of experiencing everyday situations.