Case Study


The idea

The main objective of the ZyDrive project is to develop an integrated online project management and collaborative tool for audio-visual industry that makes its users work more effective and productive. Currently project tasks are spread out amongst various tools such as Skype, Trello, and Dropbox, and end users must constantly jump between these various on a frequent basis.
After sharing the idea with industry professionals we realized it has a potential to change the business model of the AV industry – so we started to work.

Planning, planning, planning

First we have to define the basic logic of the portal – we had everything in our heads, it was time to put it on paper. We were just in the phase to adopt SCRUM methodology as our primary work methodology - where the planning and team collaboration is a key to success. After a few sketches we outlined the basics of portal logic.

Starting from bottom

Yes, every portal needs a good log in and registration form. We have done it so many times, but every time is like inventing a whole new concept. Well the result is always the same – or should be. We've combined all the best practices and check out competition, had some meetings and wireframes were born.

Lots of stuff to do

While the logo has changed a few times and the design was on its way we continued to work as usually – task by task, sprint by sprint, however converting user stories to meaningful tasks took some time and many hours sitting together by the computer. We needed:

Massive storage

Online File Conversion Tool

Powerful Presentation Tools

Project Management Tools

Real-time Collaboration Tool

Video Conferencing tool

From ProCloud to ZyDrive

We found a great name, one we all got used to, but then we discovered domain name we wanted so badly was not available. Since we were at the very beginning of the project and no major branding was made so far we there was no problem finding a new name. It's a strong name and with a strong name comes a strong logo. Procloud is dead, long live ZyDrive!

Material design vs ZyDrive

We wanted to do the best out of UX and design on ZyDrive. Google helped us a lot. Guidelines from Google Material Design were the inspiration from grid on to buttons and small animations when changing views.

Our goal

ZyDrive’s main advantage derives from our understanding of the audio-video industry and the complex needs of the end user. At the moment a user needs to use number of external accessories in different formats (i.e. audio: mp3, .wmv; video: mp4, .mkv, .flv, .avi, .mpeg; photo: .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp…) which is time-consuming, less organized, less controlled and less cost effective.

The specific technological objectives of the project are:
- to create a single/common online cloud-based collaborative environment and
- to develop one standardized platform for every related type of tool so far used from various sources.

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