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The customer

RTV Slovenia is the Slovenian national television and Dobro jutro is their morning TV show. It is an entertainment show with special quests, educational contents, life coaching and information.

It airs every work day from 6:57 to 10:00 and it is combining the studio and live reporting from all around Slovenia. They explore everyday themes and offer a variety of topics such as health, legal advice, counseling on relationships, home cooking recipes, gardening advice, prize games and personal stories of striking individuals.

It is one of the highest rated shows on national television. In 2014 it also won one of the most acclaimed media awards Viktor, in the category of best entertainment TV-show.

The challenge

RTV Slovenia has one of the most visited web-sites in the country. It is a modern website with an option to see live TV online. Dobro jutro is popular enough to have its own page as a part of their news portal.

Previous version of Dobro jutro site was outdated and without social media sharing option. They needed a complete redesign and modernization of the obsolete website and a custom CMS that they can use for the daily publishing of news articles. They also needed a registration form for their online contest games.

We were aware of the scale of the project, since it is a news site and thus we needed a good plan to connect the CMS with the content of the site.

The solution

We provided them a beautiful design, that addresses their target public and developed a custom CMS that gives our client the freedom to update the content on the site as they wish. They can optionally embed videos, set galleries, change backgrounds, set schedules, and organize online price games and much more.

The result

• Graphics page redesign
• Custom CMS
• Registration forms
• Responsive design

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