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Mongo DB

The Challenge

Nexto as a Start-up product went through various pivoting iterations. The first intention was to establish it as a micro location and information service in the retail market, but during customer discovery interviews we found
out that the promising and responsive hub is tourism, exhibitions, nature, cultural sights and historic heritages.
After iBeacons appeared on the marked we sought a chance in developing a location aware solution. We have started our own iBeacon hardware production. Our designers also shaped its unique plastic case
from the scratch to match up with Nexto brand identity. We have printed several 3D models for the case and few prototype circuit boards until we were satisfied with the final product.
Through iterations we have planned and built a comprehensive and scalable solution including one native App for visitors and CMS for destination managers, with a goal to upgrade visitors journeys through heritage sites.

Museums and galleries

A rich experience with a new dimension that can completely replace the guide.

Cities and cultural installations

Easier search for locations and exhibitors, access to enhanced, up-to-date information.

Caves and nature trails

A modern way to present tourist sights. Guided tours (audio guide), video content and relevant information at individual locations.

The solution

iOS and Android native applications enhancing your cultural experience.

One app for all attractions enriched presentation of various cultural and historical locations through a unified experience.
Smart audio guiding allowing you to set the pace of the tour with high quality, location-aware audioguides.
Interactive indoor and outdoor maps for fast orientation and easier finding of your favourite exhibits.
Streamed or downloadable content of each venue, depending on users preferences.

Straightforward Content Management System for cultural destination managers.

Multilingual support allowing to present any destination with up to 33 worldwide languages.
Presentational multimedia content, including multilingual texts, audio, video, images, 360 degree view and indoor maps, presented in exhibit collections, guided tours and presentational pages.
Manual and automatic content triggering with QR codes, numpad, GPS and iBeacons.
Power user functions including one user account for multiple destinations, smart venue analytics, feedback gathering tools and custom feeds.

The result

Nexto is a comprehensive solution which now delivers meaningful and location aware content to its users, thanks to GPS, QR codes, numpad and emerging iBeacon technology. It is becoming a standard for instinctive audio-visual cultural experience.
The product has now been adopted in more than 40 cultural destinations across Slovenia, downloaded for more than 5k times, rated 4.9 stars. Now it is time to expand the scalable product abroad.

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