Case Study


Technologies used




The customer

Client MINI POLIGLOTINI envision to become the world’s leading brand of dyslexia freindly books and didactic games for early-age language learning.

The challenge

Our challenge was to design child friendly animated book supported by intuitive user interface which would offer simple guidance on the story and let children explore new languages through interaction and entertainment.

The solution

We gathered team of colleagues appropriate for the task, combined out of developers and designers.

Our project’s end work was compilation of menu design, animation effects, embedding subtitles and putting together all elements including story animations and voice over.

We also followed our client’s book directives and made subtitles friendly for children with reading disorder, known as dyslexia.

The result

The result is market ready E-book consisting of colorful but non intrusive menu design and special swipe effects which blends along with story animations and forms perfect playground for language learning with ease.

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