Case Study


Technologies used





The customer

Landezine is a web-site that features modern landscape architecture works. Its mission is to showcase contemporary architectonic works by progressive architectural studios.

Currently more than 100 architectural studios are showcased on the site. Studios can submit their projects to Landezine and if the project passes the review, it is published on the site. This ensures that only the best works are actually published.

The challenge

Our client was faced with an increase of traffic on the site and thus he wanted an improvement on the server side, a redesign of the page and also a mobile app for Landezine, to serve its users within the whole package.

The discovery

Our customer got in touch with us through SAE Creative media education school, partnered with Proxima in organizing a Web design and development diploma level courses where our team members are regular lecturers.

The solution

We offered our client a full support of our team and our know-how.
We moved his old site to our dedicated servers, that were capable of handling the amount of traffic needed. Our redesign was simple and clean, and we also made a mobile app.
The mobile app is intended for travellers that would like to experience the architectural works in person. It offers directions to the nearest locations, includes the world map of projects and contains location specific content.

The result

The result of our collaboration was a successful migration of the sites database to our servers, a new design and a mobile app. Our client was happy with the results. It is our pleasure to work for a site that has a great amount of traffic and to cooperate with the client who trusts in our expertise.

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