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Technologies used




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The Challenge

Have you ever seen a blank LCD display in your grocery store and been wondering why their potential is not realized? Probably because the video administrator is having hard times changing the video content via USB sticks or setting up the right channel to show the ads.
After realizing there actually is an issue, we investigated the market on existing digital signage and information display systems and found out that current solutions were really user unfriendly and useless.

The solution

Content management system
User is using the platform’s simple web interface to connect their displays on publicly exposed surfaces (e.g. showroom, shop, passageways) through which the displayed content is easily managed. The user has the possibility of uploading and editing video and image content.

Advertising space provider
Uses the platform as a place to offer his exposed surface to interested advertising space buyers at a certain price through a fixed time window. He determines the location of his each digital screen on the map, type of activity in which the display is located, the displays operative time and the cost of each leased second.

Advertising space buyer
Uses a platform to oversee the list of publicly exposed advertising surfaces that match their needs (playing time, price, location of the screen) and the target groups they wish to address. Advertising space provider has an option to approve or decline the given offer.

How Kaleidospot works?
User subscribes to the service and as a part of his offer he gets:

  • HDMI dongle for digital display and mobile app to install (optional)
  • User account to access the web interface
  • Mobile application to play the content

Ease of setup
Ease of setup it has always been a challenge. We understand that many users despite the ubiquitous use of technology, still feel the fear of a new tech, and our desire was to make the onboarding process so simple that they may overcome their fears.

The key obstacle within the user onboarding process was a requirement to use mouse and a keyboard on the system to setup the WiFi connection for the HDMI dongle, so we decided to replace them with a mobile app. Therefore we have developed a mobile app to connect to the device via Bluetooth and then login to Kaleidospot user account as well as merge the device with WiFi. When the device is successfully connected to WiFi it starts downloading the content and playing the media files. The screen can be easily managed thorugh web interface.

The result

In addition to complex setup and price of competition we found that Kaleidospot offers variety of competitive advantages:

    For providers:

  • Ease of content management on a number of digital displays via a single interface in the cloud
  • Transformation of any digital screen into advertising space
  • Ability to monetize an advertising space
    For customers:

  • Possibility to buy time and location relevant advertising space
  • Low cost and effective advertising solutions
  • Ease of advertising space leasing and transparent overview of the current spending

Short term plan with Kaleidospot is to start selling the product abroad offering an online SaaS service with a vision to become the leading signage and exchange platform of advertising space on public surfaces.

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