GOMBY - mobile game

Case Study

Technologies used






The customer

Client TURN 8 is a fresh and ambitious international gaming company, focusing on the mobile market expansion with new marketing and advertising approaches, connecting nightlife entertainment and mobile games.

The challenge

We accepted the challenge to create a fun and playful mobile game which would easily satisfy the widest interest public in a young but densed gaming sector and to create a niche in nightlife entertainment industry to capture the target mass and drive the wave of daily active game players.
Additionally we bonded a partnership to develop a new way of revenue stream which hasn't been yet discovered in the mobile gaming market.

The solution

We approached the mission by choosing talented coworkers, game developers, and artists to find the proper design styles and development sets for the game. Our offer included a full service from game idea, planning, development, design, publishing and management.
We came up with a few game mechanics options to embark on the mobile gaming market and agreed to develop an endless runner game, combining an attractive clumsy main character, vivid color schemes, comic character animations and trendy gadgets.
The basic idea was upgraded with in-game shop, wardrobe, intersecting mini games, in-app purchases with virtual currency, power-ups and upgrades, missions, badges, playing tickets and many more.
Another challenge was to satisfy the customer with a new revenue model which we developed from the first sparkle to the final solution, including advertising, promotion and product placement.

The result

The result is out of the box fully functional high end mobile game, working on most Android and iOS devices and comparable to any market leader game. It offers an immersive virtual experience of nocturnal clubbing scenes and events and an addictive game play.

The project includes:
• Unique character design, rig and animations
• Custom 3D obstacles and elements
• Custom track editor and other tools for level design creation including mini games
• Custom shaders for lighting and ambient
• Custom audio – ambient, music and characters sounds
• Presentational material & CGP

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