Case Study

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Technologies used



Mongo DB

The Challenge

Women around the globe are eager to find a perfect make-up style for their faces. Our client and professional Makeup artist found out that women mainly search for the advise on social media, especially on Youtube videos. By having a great video content, a huge and still growing base of followers, the client took a new path, aligned with his vision to attract new followers and retain current ones by offering them an online personalized portfolio of video tutorials.

The solution

Advise my style is a web application, offering Makeup style seeking ladies to find their favorite mask by choosing their face characteristics. An application asks the visitor by their:

  • Age group
  • Face shape
  • Eye shape
  • Eye color
  • Eye direction
  • Hair color
  • Skin tone

Visitors are also engaged to create an online account so save their preferences, thus serving them personalized Youtube videos from professional Makeup artist, filmed for their face characteristics specifically.

Tutorial section enables filtering of video podcasts between various parameters.

Application also includes some elegant social media sharing call to actions.

The result

The web application in now allowing women to find their favorite Makeup tutorial based on their face characteristics. But this is only the beginning. The client also plans to include other upcoming technologies and approaches to lead the innovation within the makeup industry.

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