Case Study


Technologies used





The customer

Ab Casting is a young but well recognized Slovene casting agency. They provide a complete casting service for commercials, short films, photography as well as feature films.

The agency represents models and actors who submit their profiles via online submit form. It offers a database of more than 2000 models and actors to Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Entertainment Industry Professionals that are in need of any type of actor or model.

Ab Casting talents are featured in globally-renowned brands, such as Game Of War, Honda, Land Rover, Jaguar, PowerShare, Milka, Dragons Of Atlantis, …

The challenge

Ab Casting was looking for a website with their own CMS, more importantly, they were looking for a flexible visual presentation of their talents from their huge database.

They wanted a custom viewer of talents which is searchable and includes various filters. Agency also needed to have an option of searching and filtering through talents of certain age, sex, weight, height, etc.

Their casting calls are pretty specific, so what Agency needed was a solution that works fast and is easily submitted to their clients.

The journey

Before our client approached us they were using a database created in .xml form and they did not have any filters for searching through the database. So when there was a casting call for eg. a white male, aged 30-35, with dark hair, they had to manually look through the photos and select the candidates that apply to the casting call criteria. The procedure was time consuming therefore they needed a better and faster solution.

We designed and developed a fully responsive web-site with its own CMS for the Agency, including an online application, where visitors of the site can upload their photos and fill out a form with questions of their basic characteristics. All new applications are stored in a new database that is fully searchable through the custom Casting viewer. Ab Casting staff now has a quick way of selecting talents that apply to certain casting calls and they can easily share their selections to the clients via email.

Ab Casting staff also uses the CMS system to update their casting calls that are changed almost weekly and they also post featured news and results of their projects.

The result

• Responsive website with an online application which includes the option of uploading photos and filling out a form with questions of basic body characteristics.
• CMS (content management system) used by Ab Casting staff to update the content of the site, such as news and new casting calls.
• Custom casting viewer with filters based on the characteristics of the applicants in the Ab Casting talent database.
The custom selections can be exported and shared with their clients.

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