The beacon transmits a signal in regular intervals, reaching the smart device and its user through the Nexto app. The app recognizes the signal and displays the information relevant to each beacon (music, text, images).

Advise My Style

Get access to hundreds of tutorials tailored to your appearance.

Division productions

Division is a high-end production service company with an international production infrastructure with its main production base in Ljubljana, Slovenia and production capacities in a large part of Central and South-East Europe.

Dobro jutro – morning show

RTV Slovenia is the Slovenian national televison and Dobro jutro is their morning TV show. It is an entertainment show with special quests, educational contents, life coaching and information.

AB Casting

Ab-casting is a young but well recognised Slovene casting agency. They provide a complete casting service for commercials, short films, photography as well as feature films.

Mini Poliglotini

Our challenge was to design a child friendly animated book supported by intuitive user interface which would offer simple guidance within the story and let children explore new languages through interaction and entertainment.


User is using the platform’s simple web interface to connect their displays on publicly exposed surfaces (e.g. showroom, shop, passageways) through which the displayed content is easily managed. The user has the possibility of uploading and editing video and image content.


Landezine is a web-site that features modern landscape architecture works. Its mission is to showcase contemporary architectonic works by progressive architectural studios. Currently more than 100 architectural studios are showcased on the site. Studios can submit their projects to Landezine and if the project passes the review, it is published on the site. This ensures that only the best works are actually published.


ZyDrive is an integrated team and project management tool...

Gomby – mobile game

We accepted the challenge to create a fun and playful mobile game which would easily satisfy the widest interest public in a young but dense gaming sector and to start a niche in nightlife entertainment industry by capturing the target mass and riding the wave of daily active game players.